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Water Department


The water department strives to maintain the best value and quality of treated water and promises to provide an affordable water supply to the customers of Mobridge.

Contact Information:

Kurt Schmaltz, Water/Sewer Superintendant
Annie Hintz, Utility Billing

Utility Billing: (605) 845-2102
Water Plant: (605) 845-2072 Business

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

To request a disconnection of service, please click HERE.

Water Meters:

In April 2012, the water department was granted an intensive residential/commercial water meter change out program. The new water meters and Radio Read system is provided by Badger Metering System, a leading manufacturer of water flow measurement equipment. The new water meters are furnished with Radio Read electronic devices which transmit the water measurement data to a portable unit carried by the meter reader or a mobile device located in a vehicle. The new system of water meters will save time, increase efficiency and help reduce misreadings and billing errors.

If the meter is positioned inside a building or basement, the meter readers no longer have to enter a residence or business in order to manually read for water usage. Meters located in underground reading pits can be read without crossing lawns or property lines (in most cases), which results in no more trampled lawns or shrubs. 

The chance of billing errors for water usage will be greatly reduced because the data from the meters is electronically transferred from the unit and used to prepare bills by a computerized process. 

Leak Detector:

The new meter system also offers a flow leak detector, the red five-point star under the meter lens cover. The five-point star rotates when water is passing through the meter. The meter is so sensitive that even at extremely low flows, the star rotates. This feature is most helpful when small leaks occur in the piping system.

To use the leak detector element, turn off all water outlets, including automatic devices such as the ice maker in the freezer, then closely observe the five-point star for about one minute. If it does not move, the piping system is not leaking. If the five-point star is moving, it is important to locate the leak. The first step is to check all toilets to be sure one of them is not running.  If all the toilets are properly working, the next place to look is at all faucets or hose bibs. The leak is not always so obvious, if the cause of high water consumption cannot be located, please contact the water department right away. 

Service Line:

Each customer has a separate service line (there are some exceptions). The owner is responsible for maintenance of this line from the water main to the home or building. 

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