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Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer/Animal Control Officer

Department- Police
Supervisor-Police Captain, City Administrator
Classification-Non-Exempt, Full Time

Purpose:   generally conduct the activities and ordinances which are identified in the Mobridge Municipal Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances to be completed by the Code Enforcement Officer, Zoning Officer, and Animal Control Officer.

Job Location:  Mobridge Police Department & City Hall

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Assists the general public with building permits, zoning, and nuisance ordinance questions and complaints
 Conducts zoning committee meetings to hear conditional use and variance requests, appeals; keeps minutes for permanent files
    Daily patrols to inspect, investigate, follow up, and enforce ordinances
    Provides verbal warnings and issues written citations when violations occur
    Process building permit applications and issue or reject permits in a timely manner
 Humanely capture and impound domestic animals and wildlife which are disturbing the peace; properly dispose of dead animals found in the public areas.
    Maintains accurate computerized records of all activities and correspondence
    Works cooperatively with residents to identify resources and solutions to related issues
    May assist with abatement of violations
    Assist City departments in prevention of nuisance issues at public properties
 Works with the local community to explain laws and promote cooperation in the interest of public safety, health, and maintaining properties as defined in Title 5, Chapter 5 of the City’s Ordinance
    Testifies in court when necessary
    Research and recommend changes to plans, policies, procedures, and ordinances
    Maintains confidentiality and professionalism in all Police Department or City business
    Coordinates activities and services with other law enforcement officials
    Perform additional duties as may be required, not inconsistent herewith

Required Knowledge and Abilities:

    Up-to-date knowledge of nuisance, zoning, and animal control ordinances
    Ability to communicate and keep accurate computerized records
    Knowledge of basic investigative procedures
    Ability to maintain confidentiality and tact when dealing with public
    Ability to operate snow removal, mowing, trimmers, painting, and trapping equipment
    Knowledge of solid and hazardous waste cleanup techniques
 Ability to work effectively and safely under all types of weather and stressful work conditions
    Aptitude to properly use protective tools, gear, equipment, and police radios
    Ability to adapt to changes in regulations
    Maintain good physical condition
    May require occasional nights/weekend work


    High school diploma or GED Certificate preferred
    Valid South Dakota driver’s license
    Pass a personal background investigation

Physical Demands:

    Ability to move and/or lift items up to 75 lbs.
    Regularly walk, stand, bend, crawl, kneel, climb, reach, balance, sit, and drive

Please fill out the application below and bring to City Hall at 214 1st Ave East 

Job Application.pdf

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