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Advertisement for Bids

Notice is hereby given that the City of Mobridge, South Dakota will received sealed bids, to be in the office of the Finance Officer, located at 114 1st Ave E, Mobridge, SD 57601, no later than 2:00 p.m., February 7, 2019 and opened at 2:00 p.m. on same day at the City Hall for the following:

Install rock ballast roof system, insulation, fiberboard, and flashing to the Water Dept Shop at 1014 Airport Road, Mobridge SD.

Specification may be obtained from the Mobridge City Hall. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive formalities.

Heather Beck

Finance Officer

City of Mobridge

Roofing Bid Spec – City Water Shop

(1014 Airport Road)


    Remove old roofing materials and install new roof in Upper Roof Area: approximately 62’ X 92’. Install insulation and high density fiberboard. Install rock ballast roof system (minimum 45 ml) and flashing surrounding roof area.

    Remove old roofing materials and install new roof in Lower Roof Area: approximately 48’ X 21’ and 21’ X 83’ and 113’ X 26’. Install insulation and high density fiberboard. Install rock ballast roof system (minimum 45 ml) and flashing surrounding roof area. Provide solution for maximum water drainage of northeast corner.

    Flashing to be installed on all walls and penetrations.

    Remove and properly dispose of all old roofing materials. Contractor to provide dumpster.

    Provide all labor, material, tools, equipment, and supervision necessary to complete the installation as specified in accordance with the manufacturer’s most current specifications and details.

    Project needs to be completed by Jun 30th, 2019.


    Deliver materials to the job site in the manufacturer’s original, unopened containers or wrappings with the manufacturer’s name, brand name and installation instructions intact and legible. Deliver in sufficient quantity to permit work to continue without interruption.

    Comply with the manufacturer’s written instructions for proper material storage.

    Insulation and underlayment products must be on stored off the ground and tightly covered with waterproof materials. Insulation and underlayment products that become wet or saturated are to be discarded.

    Any materials which are found to be damaged shall be removed and replaced at the contractor’s expense.


    Schedule and execute work to prevent leaks and excessive traffic on completed roof sections. Care should be exercised to provide protection for the interior of the building.

    Do not disrupt activities in occupied spaces.

    Before beginning work, the roofing contractor must secure approval from the City regarding areas for personnel parking and areas permitted for storage of materials and debris.

    The roofing contractor shall use reasonable care and responsibility to protect the building and site against damages. The contractor shall be responsible for the correction of any damage incurred as a result of the performance of the contract.

    The roofing contractor shall remove all construction debris from the job site in a timely and legally acceptable manner.


    The roofing contractor shall adequately protect building, paved areas, service drives, etc. from damage while performing the required work. Provide canvas, boards and sheet metal (properly secured) as necessary for protection and remove protection material at completion. The contractor shall repair or be responsible for costs to repair all property damaged during the roofing application.

    During the roofing contractor’s performance of the work, the building owner will continue to occupy the existing building. The contractor shall take precautions to prevent the spread of dust and debris, particularly where such material may sift into the building. The roofing contractor shall provide labor and materials to construct, maintain and remove necessary temporary enclosures to prevent dust or debris in the construction area(s) from entering the remainder of the building.

    Do not overload any portion of the building, either by use of or placement of equipment, storage of debris, or storage of materials.


The roofing contractor shall be responsible for all means and methods as they relate to safety and shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal requirements that are safety related. Safety shall be the responsibility of the roofing contractor. All related personnel shall be instructed daily to be mindful of the full time requirement to maintain a safe environment for the facility’s occupants including staff, visitors, customers and the occurrence of the general public on or near the site.


    All work shall be of highest quality and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s published specifications and to the building owner’s satisfaction.

    There shall be a supervisor on the job site at all times while work is in progress.

    All field seams and flashing details are to be completed according to manufacturer’s specifications and details by the end of each work day.


    Provide minimum 15-year Warranty covering both labor and all materials with no dollar limitation.


    Comply with the manufacturer’s published instructions for the installation of the membrane roofing system including proper substrate preparation, jobsite considerations and weather restrictions.

    Position sheets to accommodate contours of the roof deck and shingle splices to avoid bucking water.


    Perform daily clean-up to collect all wrappings, empty containers, paper, and other debris from the project site. Upon completion, all debris must be disposed of in a legally acceptable manner.

    Prior to the manufacturer’s inspection for warranty, the applicator must perform a pre-inspection to review all work and to verify all flashing has been completed as well as the application of all caulking.

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